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Social issues disrupts the lives of three generations of women from the same family. As times change, so do outdated values. Should old school values still apply? A wife deceives her husband while exploring her true sexuality. Repercussions? What motivates the wife’s mother to enter into a relationship with her son-in-law? Will their secret be discovered? The wife’s college age daughter, with tender guidance from her step-father, achieves fulfillment as a woman. Does this describe a dysfunctional family? Or is this the unspoken social issues of modern society? Against a background of big business, Trifecta cycle through a wide range of emotions.



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    Born March 25, 1937, Avoca, Iowa at home on a family farm. Attended a one room country school for two years. At age fifteen upon the death of my father, I became a janitor of the Macedonia, Iowa Consolidated School. Age sixteen worked as hired man on a farm for four years. After graduation I joined the Navy and served twenty seven years in submarines. After I retired from the Navy, went to work for utility company as production controller supervisor of the computerized maintenance department. Starting out life in the "cash n' carry " world, where needs and savings were the law we lived by. At the age of sixty, after working all my able life, I just stopped going to work. I have a wonderful partner. She and I have been together for thirty-two years travelling the world extensively. I don't know if I am a writer or just a story teller that can uniquely connect the dots.

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  • "Greatjob, Pope. This book is not just about steamy love scenes, this is an erotic romance with an actual story that we can learn something from."
    - Amy Bailey, Winona MN

  • "Very interesting and entertaining. Pope does not disappoint.Recommended reading list."
    - George Oliver, AZ

    "Intriguing and sinfully hot.Can't wait to read more from this author."
    - Andrew Kirk, Spokane WA

  • "Impeccable storyline.The sexy twists and interesting characters added spice of the book.Hope to see this on the big screen."
    - Mark Greene, NY

    "Powerful material. I'm jus tblown away."
    - Nancy Graham,Bronx NY

  • "Dark and controversial. Definitely 5 stars."
    - Peter Lupich, NM

    "Trifecta is a light read,fun filled dark romance book.Kept me guessing throughout the story!"
    - Dawn Walker,Joplin MO

    "Totally worth my money. The story is damn hot"
    - Charles Cox, PA

  • "Ilove this writer's style and humor.This one is by far my favorite."
    - Helen B., AL

    "Riveting and irresistible. Pope is one heck of a writer."
    - Samantha Thompson, Charles Town WV

    "A heart warming, steamy and erotic romance. A page turner."
    - Suzanne Adams, Elkton MD

  • "Insightful and brilliantly orchestrated, “Trifecta” is a story of love andloss, trust and mistrust and pain and healing. Above all,it is a novel that captures the zeitgeist of today’s generation"

    "First time I've read a novel from this author.Won't be the last."
    - Stacey Cullens, MT