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Primer for the White Knuckled Jellied Kneed Socializer


Are you an introvert? Having a difficulty with socializing? If so, that's not a problem. Once you gain understanding of a few things, you can socialize more effectively!

Take it from the expert, James Pope a farm boy from Iowa with PHD, Post Hole Digger. He earned it through the years on an Iowa farm. He will teach you the basics that will make the foundation of a lasting relationship. Most of his views were formulated while surveying the world through the open door of the outdoor toilet and thirty-two years of living with a wonderful woman also had a lot to do with it.

Based on his experience, having a difficulty in socializing is a management problem. So be guided, follow the 5 Ps “proper planning prevents poor performance”, for this gets the conversation rolling and finding a little more about each other is educational as you learn about each others interest. Remember, the best conversationalist is a good listener. So as the date progresses, most likely you've known each other pretty well and laugh at each others jokes. You find their quirks endearing. And you're excited to see where the relationship might lead. But before you take that leap into a serious committed relationship, there are a lot of aspects you need to consider.

Clarify and understand. When it comes to maintaining a household, there is no household chores that is gender specific. The man should know how to cook, do laundry properly, ironing and cleaning. EVERYDAY WHEN A MAN WAKES UP HIS FORCE THOUGHT SHOULD BE, HOW HE CAN MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR HIS PARTNER. You also have to make sure you're both on the same page in terms of expectations, financial and other essential aspects in a relationship because this is the part most relationship fall apart. These are just the basic agenda you need to know before living together. Before committing, ensure that you're both determined to always do right by the other person - and can compromise, apologize, and reassure when times get tough.

For more profound advice and a step by step process about this topic. Check out the different articles or you can always connect with the expert, Mr. James Pope and get first hand advice that will surely change the game for you.

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    Born March 25, 1937, Avoca, Iowa at home on a family farm. Attended a one room country school for two years. At age fifteen upon the death of my father, I became a janitor of the Macedonia, Iowa Consolidated School. Age sixteen worked as hired man on a farm for four years. After graduation I joined the Navy and served twenty seven years in submarines. After I retired from the Navy, went to work for utility company as production controller supervisor of the computerized maintenance department. Starting out life in the "cash n' carry " world, where needs and savings were the law we lived by. At the age of sixty, after working all my able life, I just stopped going to work. I have a wonderful partner. She and I have been together for thirty-two years travelling the world extensively. I don't know if I am a writer or just a story teller that can uniquely connect the dots.


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